Nickel Plated Copper Wire

Short Description:

Shanghai Tianchuang nickel plated copper wire is composed of a copper core, covered by a concentric nickel plating. Pure electrolytic copper wire uniformly electroplated with nickel.  Nickel plating is applied to wire products due to its excellent corrosion resistance properties and in particular, its durability and stability at extremes of temperatures.

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Model Name
Trn Nickel-plated Copper Wire


Model Diameter(mm)
Trn 0.08-1.13

Product standards
Dimensions and deviations

Diameter standard (mm) Deviation
0.110-0.250 ±0.005
0.251-0.700 ±0.010
0.710-1.0  ±0.015
1.100-3.83 ±0.020

1. Coating evenly,good continuity, strong adhesion.
2. The surface of the coating is smooth and continuous without harmful defects such as silvery burr mechanical damage.
Inspection rules
Product inspection: incoming material inspection-process inspection-finished product inspection, finished product inspection qualified factory, each batch of products is accompanied by quality inspection certificate.

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