Customized High Temperature Nickel-plated Copper Wire 100mts monthly production

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The nickel plated layer in Nickel plated copper wire has high stability in the air. Because nickel metal has a strong ability of passivation, it can quickly generate a layer of extremely thin passivation film on the surface, which can resist the corrosion of atmosphere, alkali and some acid. The hardness of nickel plated is relatively high, which can improve the abrasive resistance of product surface.


  • Model Number: TRN
  • Brand Name: Shanghai Tianchuang
  • Certification: ISO9001 SGS ROHS
  • MOQ: 50 Kilograms
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    Nickel plated copper wire is divided into nickel plated soft round copper wire and nickel plated hard round copper wire. Nickel plated soft round copper wire is annealed to be changed its physical properties in order to get soft. Good nickel plated copper wire’s coating is continuously and firmly attached to the surface of the conductor and the surface would not be stained after tests. The coating surface of nickel plated copper wire should be smooth and continuous, free from harmful defects such as nickel particles, burrs and mechanical damage.

    Name Nickel-plated copper wire
    Model TRN
    Diameter(mm) 0.08-1.13
    Materials and product standards
    Copper wire GB/T3953
    Nickel-plated copper wire GB11019-2009
    Dimensions and Deviations
    Diameter standard (mm) Deviation
    0.110-0.250 ±0.005
    0.251-0.700 ±0.010
    0.710-1.000 ±0.015
    1.100-1.130 ±0.020

    Product Details

    46 Awg Nickel Plated Copper Wire

    Product Processes

    Plated Copper Wire

    The Application Field of Products

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    Exhibition and Certification

    The Application Field of Products

    Packing and delivery

    1.The mono-filament and its winch are supplied in plates, and then packed and delivered in boxes after proper packaging with Kraft paper and packaging film. The small size disc is fixed by custom foam, and the large size plastic rubber disk or iron disk is fixed by custom wooden frame.       

    2.The mono-filament and its strand are evenly wound on the wire shaft, the wire arrangement is not pressed, the wire head is fixed, and the outermost side of the wire is kept at a certain distance from the edge of the disk, so as to avoid collision in the course of transportation.

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