Nickel Plated Copper Stranded Wire

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Stranded wire

Model Name
JY Silver Plated Copper Stranded Wire
JN Nickel Plated Copper Stranded Wire


  Size Range(mm²)Nominal Cross Section Single Wire Diameter(mm)
JY 0.002-16 0.05-1.5
JN 0.05-16 0.08-1.0

Raw materials and product standards

Wire And Cable For Aerospace GJB1640
Silver Plated Copper Wire JB/T3135 ASTM B298-99
Nickel Plated Copper Wire GB11019 ASTM B355-95

DC resistance (Ω/KM,20℃)

GJB1640-93 specified in tables 2, 3

1. Coating evenly,good continuity, strong adhesion.
2. The surface of the coating is smooth and continuous without harmful defects such as silvery burr mechanical damage.

Inspection rules

Product inspection: incoming material inspection-process inspection-finished product inspection, finished product inspection qualified factory, each batch of products is accompanied by quality inspection certificate.

Packing and delivery
1. The mono-filament and its winch are supplied in plates, and then packed and delivered in boxes after proper packaging with Kraft paper and packaging film. The small size disc is fixed by custom foam, and the large size plastic rubber disk or iron disk is fixed by custom wooden frame.
2. The mono-filament and its strand are evenly wound on the wire shaft, the wire arrangement is not pressed, the wire head is fixed, and the outermost side of the wire is kept at a certain distance from the edge of the disk, so as to avoid collision in the course of transportation.

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