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Shanghai Tianchuang Cable Technology Development Co., Ltd.

Company Profile

Shanghai Tianchuang Cable Technology Development Co., Ltd. was founded in 2007, the company specializing in the production of. Silver plated round copper wire, nickel plated round copper wire, silver plated copper wire, nickel copper wire, etc.

Our company has been concentrating on the brand management and the development of the innovation of product technology. We formed a professional product research team with the talents in the fields of metal industry etc. By innovating and struggling for so many years, the company currently takes SPC wire as the main products. Which have the high-tech, new and special characteristics; these good products make the company be in the leading position in same industry, also our company gained the great support and appraise of our customers and the whole target market.

Our company has obtained the ISO9001 quality management system certification. Now we provide various kinds of special wire material for the industries in terms of internal aviation and spaceflight, electron information and military industry and some branch production, etc.Our company played a very important role in our national important projects, the establishment of national defense and international engineering.
We'll persist in the idea "Shanghai Tianchuang Cable. To create the future hand in hand. "We will improve the product quality and strengthen our company management in order to satisfy the requirements of the market and the customers.