Beryllium copper sheet

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Beryllium copper strip is a bronze whose main alloy component is beryllium strip. Containing 1.7~2.5% beryllium and a small amount of nickel, chromium, titanium and other elements, after quenching treatment, the strength can reach 1250~1500MPa, close to the level of medium strength steel.  In the quenching state plasticity is very good, can be processed into a variety of semi-finished products. Beryllium bronze has high hardness, elastic limit, fatigue limit and wear resistance, as well as good corrosion resistance, thermal conductivity and electrical conductivity

  • Place of Origin: Shanghai, China
  • Model Number: C17200,C17500
  • Application: Switches, Relay, Spring industry
  • Width: Customised
  • Material: CuCo2Be
  • MOQ: 100kg
  • Features: Corrosion Resistance
  • Surface: Bright polished etc
  • Electrical conductivity: >52%IACS
  • Hardness: >260HV
  • Thermal conductivity: 20℃ ca. 110 W/m.K, 300℃ ca.210 W/m.K
  • Brand Name: Shanghai Tianchuang
  • Package: Standard Seaworthy Package
  • Delivery Time: 7-15 Days
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    product description

    Product Name c17200 customized thickness beryllium copper strip coil sheet rod bar  by manufacturer
    Length Customized
    Thickness 0.05/0.06/0.07/0.08/0.09/0.1/0.15/0.2/0.3/0.4/0.5mm
    Width Customized
    Material C17200
    Hardness 1/2H,H


    Chemical composition
    Grade Be Co Ni Pb Cu
    17200-HT 17200-M 1.8-2.0 Co+Ni<0.2 -- Allowance
    1720HMB 1.8-2.0 Co+Ni+Fe<0.6   Allowance
    C17500-HT 0.4-0.7 2.4-2.7 -- -- Allowance
    C17530-HT 0.15-0.5 0.35-0.6 -- -- Allowance

    Machanical property

    Grade State Heat Treatment Tensile Strength Yield Strength Elongation Fatigue Hardness Vickers Hardness Conductivity Precentage
    HTC17200 1/4H -- 56-62 42-57 20-45 22-25 121-185 15-19
    1/2H -- 59-71 52-67 12-30 22-27 176-216 15-19
    H -- 70-85 63-81 2-18 25-27 216-287 15-19
    AT 3 hr 315'C 116-138 98-124 3-15 28-32 353-413 22-28
    1/4HT 2 hr 315'C 123-145 105-131 3-10 28-32 353-424 22-28
    1/2HT 2 hr 315'C 130-152 112-138 1-8 30-33 373-435 22-28
    HT 2 hr 315'C 133-155 116-145 1-6 32-35 373-446 22-28


    Surface Finish Definition Application
    2B Those finished, after cold rolling, by heat treatment, picking or other equivalent treatment and lastly by cold rolling to given appropriate luster. Medical equipment, Food industry,Construction material, Kitchen utensils.
    BA Those processed with bright heat treament after cold rolling. Kitchen utensils, Electric equipment, Building construction.
    NO.3 Those finished by polishing with No.100 to No.120 abrasives specified in JIS R6001. Kitchen utensils, Building construction.
    NO.4 Those finished by polishing with No.150 to No.180 abrasives specified in JIS R6001. Kitchen utensils, Building construction, Medical equipment.
    HL Those finished polishing so as to give continuous polishing streaks by using abrasive of suitable grain size. Building construction.
    NO.1 The surface finished by heat treament and picking or processes corresponding there to after hot rolling. Chemical tank, pipe.


    Material CuCo2Be
    Material no. UNS (ASTM) C17200
    Material description High strength, good fatigue strength, good conductivity, wear resistant
    Standard R.W.M.A Class 4
    Hardness >260HV
    Thermal conductivity 20℃ ca. 110 W/m.K, 300℃ ca.210 W/m.K
    Electrical conductivity >52%IACS
    Softening temperature 520℃
    Size According to customer's requirements
    Application Projection; flash; butt welding dies; seam welder bushing; die facing.


    Item Strength Alloy C17500 Beryllium Copper Strip C17200
    Material T2(Cu>99.95%,Pb<0.005%,Fe<0.005%Sb<0.002%,Bi<0.001%,
    Standard GB/T5231-2001.GB/T1527-2006.JISH3100-2006,JISH3250-2006,JISH3300-2006,ASTM B152M-06,ASTMB187,ASTMB75M-02,ASTMB42-02,etc
    Thickness 0.02mm~200mm
    Width 10mm~2500mm
    Application Can be made to do all sorts of deep drawing and bending stress
    components,such as manufacturing pins,rivets,gasket,nuts,conduits,the
    barometer spring,screen radiator parts, etc






    Inspection Equipment

    Inspection equipment

    Packaging process

    Packaging process

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